Ate too much this CNY? Read the Post-CNY tips!

Combat the post-CNY flabs and zits!

To many of us, Chinese New Year is meant to be a time of gatherings, feastings, and celebrations.

Perhaps, you’ve regretted having too much CNY goodies and steamboat dinners after looking at how much weight you’ve gained,

But we say it’s totally ok to bond over food and enjoy the once a year get-together with all your family & friends!

After all, we have plenty of treatments to help you shed off the extra weight-gain and get back on track.  We’ll compile it below for your quick reference!

#1 Reduce chubby cheeks & double chin

When you gain weight, your face can look rounder and the facial features will appear to be less defined.

Try the non-surgical face tightening & lifting treatments below to combat the gravity and have sharper face (skin texture will be improved too):

STAR treatment is great for lifting & tightening the skin around cheeks, chin, and neck. It eliminates skin imperfections such as acne scars and pigmentation too!

#2 Loose Belly Fat & Define Waist

No time or too lazy to exercise?

There are different treatments to get back in shape after CNY feasting:

Vanquish Me is a great option, it doesn’t take long (around 45 mins), it covers a large area (entire abdomen including love handles), and it’s a comfortable treatment (it’s not painful!).

#3 Get rid of acne and skin problems

All the overindulgent, late nights, and travelling can lead to a pimple outbreak.

Traveling overseas can also lead to sensitive skin and formation of dark spots due to change of environment and lack of skincare.

Try the facial treatments below to get clearer and fresher-looking skin:

Eyebag & dark circles treatment is great to combat all the late night gatherings, as well as OTs after the long holiday.

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