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Acne is a common condition for oily skin. When left untreated, acute acne may significantly lead to scarring. Depending on individual needs, there are various ways to control acne and reduce acne scars to achieve a smoother and blemish-free complexion.


Types of Acne



Blackheads and whiteheads

They are simply clogged pores that are not inflamed. They can be seen blocked below the surface of the skin. Oil, dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate and block pores that result to small bumps in the surface of the face. Easily treatable since they are not inflamed and do not need any serious medication.

Papules and pustules

Inflamed acne starts when a clogged pore grows irritated and becomes inflamed. It swells, appears reddish, and is painful.


They are inflamed lesions that are generally filled with pus. They may appear white or yellow in colour, and popping pustules can lead to acne scarring


Nodules are another type of inflammatory acne lesions that develop under the skin. It can be seen as large, hard, painful bumps that embed under the skin surface during the later stages of acne breakouts. They look like papules but they are larger, raw and painful to touch. They generally do not contain pus. It can last long for weeks or months, difficult to treat, and it causes dark acne scars.


They are a severe form of acne lesion that are inflamed and filled with pus when oil ducts and pores become clogged and rupture. They are generally painful and require professional medical treatment.


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Cortisone Injection – a quick, fuss-free solution to get rid of cystic acne!

Acne treatment Singapore



Acne Scars Treatment in Singapore


There are many treatments to treat Acne Scars.

Treatments like Infini and fractional lasers stimulate collagen production, which fills out the scars from beneath.

Laser skin resurfacing such as the Fotona and Revlite remove micron thin layers of the skin, as well as reduce pores and treat uneven skin textures.

INFINI TREATMENT is an effective treatment to treat acne scars. Wa


Watch our doctor perform INFINI Treatment:

Acne Scars Treatment in Singapore


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List of treatments available for Acne
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