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Dislike the love handles and muffin top on your tummy ? Or can’t get rid of the flabby arms? Combination treatment gives the optimum body contouring results. At Healthsprings, we utilize a few combination treatments:

  1. BTL triple combo combines the BTL X-Wave, Vanquish Me and Exilis Ultra for the optimum results.
  2. There is also the ‘Fire and Ice’ combo which utilize vanquish me to destroy the fat cells and Lipocryo to Freeze the fats after that.

Customizing a fuss-free fix to body slimming, Healthsprings design a body contouring treatment with the combination of Vanquish Me, Exilis Elite and X-Wave.

Treatment begins with X-Wave, which directs the transformative energy of acoustic waves deep into the skin to firm skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Next, the revolutionary Vanquish Me melts unwanted, excess fat around the abdomen and love handles. Scientifically proven and clinically tested, Vanquish Me is a selective radio frequency system that delivers energy to heat up and destroy fat cells without overheating surrounding tissue like the muscles, internal organs or even skin surface. Your body’s natural metabolism then flushes out the destroyed fat cells via lymphatic drainage for a sculpted mid-section.

Lastly, to further tighten the skin’s problem areas, Exilis Elite is then applied to deliver advanced radio frequency to stimulate the production of collagen for a gradual firming and lifting effect.

The combination of all three FDA-approved devices is ideal for those looking to contour and tone the troubled area as it provides a comfortable, non-invasive solution for a svelte and toned silhouette.

First trial from $180 for X-Wave Tummy

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