Revlite Laser

Revlite Laser

REVLITE LASER from Cynosure is effective for:

Treatment of Pigmentation and Pigmented Lesions

Hori’s naevus, naevus of Ota, sun damage spots like melasma, age spots, freckles or birthmark. Revlite Laser breaks down pigment into tiny particles which are removed by the body’s natural filtering systems, thus removing or lightening the pigmentation. With little down time, pigmentation removal can be performed during lunch hour.

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Non – Ablative Skin Resurfacing

It is a laser for acne scars and laser treatment for wrinkles. Acne scar reduction and wrinkle reduction is achieved with laser collagen stimulation with minimal to no downtime or discomfort. It also helps to reduce pimples, acne scars, keloids, fine capillaries and blood vessels.

Anti – Aging Maintenance (Deep wrinkle removal)

Regular treatment stimulate collagen synthesis and maintain the skin’s youthful character. Collagen provides the support network to our skin. As we age, collagen breaks down causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Revlite Laser are used to tighten and stimulate collagen fibres, reduce pore size and give the sagging skin a mild ‘lift’, resulting in skin rejuvenation. It also helps to reduce pimples, acne scars, keloids, fine capillaries and blood vessels.

Fine Hair Removal/ BBL Laser Hair Removal

Revlite Laser or Sciton BBL is like a hair removal clinic that is used to remove or reduce unwanted hair. The choice of which hair removal machine to use depends on your hair texture and skin colour. The BBL laser hair removal will damage the hair bulge and hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin. Multiple hair removal treatments are require will delay hair growth or to achieve optimal results.

Unsightly Veins, Capillaries

Revlite Laser treatment helps to minimize the appearance of veins on legs and face. With inappropriate footwear and foot care, varicose veins on legs can become a long term issue. It is laser for spider veins on legs; vascular veins; thread veins and any unsightly veins, reducing the patchy redness on the skin.

Tattoo Removal

Revlite Laser harnesses the light energy to break down the tattoo ink into tiny particles which are removed by the body’s immune system. Age and colour of the tattoo affects the results of the treatment. Usually a course of 5 to 20 sessions may be needed to remove red and black ink tattoos. Some pigment may remain despite multiple sessions.

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