Unwanted Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoo

Revlite and Medlite Laser used in our clinic provides laser tattoo removal with the energy of light, causing tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which are then removed by the body naturally. This option is effective in removing professional, amateur (homemade), surgical and traumatic tattoos.

The age and colour of the tattoo adversely affect the results of the treatment. Usually a course of 5 to 20 sessions may be needed to remove red and black ink tattoos. Dark and red inks resolve most effectively while oranges and purples fade over time. Green and yellow inks tend to be the hardest to remove with additional treatments. However, some stubborn pigments may remain despite multiple sessions of laser tattoo removal.

You may call us at +6836 8386 to find out more about this treatment.

Our Clinic is conveniently located at 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, #11-01, Singapore 238881.


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