Moles / Oil Spots Removal

Moles / Oil Spots Removal

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Moles / Oil Spots Removal

Moles can appear anywhere on the body and can be found alone or in groups, formed gradually or due to hormonal changes. In addition, moles can be flat, raised, and in various colors.

While many moles arise in the first years of life, new moles appearing after age 35 may require close observation and specific mole removal treatment.

Oil spots (milia seeds) are commonly found on the face. They are formed when keratin (a substance produced by the skin) becomes entrapped beneath the outer layer of the skin, forming a tiny cyst.

Watch our doctor perform Mole Removal:

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The treatment is minimally invasive with minimal downtime. To reduce the risk of scarring and scabs forming over the moles, our patients will be given a post-laser cream to help with the healing of skin and to prevent infection. Laser mole removal tends to heal well, hence it is ideal for faces and all body parts.

We use CO2 laser that targets moles with precision and can be very effective when it’s done by a skilled doctor.

With our doctors’ skills and experience, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

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