Exilis Elite / Ultra 360 Protégé Elite

Exilis Elite / Ultra 360 Protégé Elite

What is Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite?

Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite is a procedure for toning,

tightening, and improving texture to sagging skin of the brows, eye area, lower face, jawline, loose neck skin/neck wrinkles, and body. Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite utilizes radiofrequency technology to gently warm the skin, encouraging new collagen growth over time. It is an ideal treatment for sagging neck skin and tightens skin under chin

How does Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite work?

Exilis Elite is a monopolar radiofrequency device with safe electrical energy delivered by the Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite tip to the skin. A grounding pad is placed on patients’ back during the treatment, ensuring safe delivery of the radiofrequency. During treatment, radiofrequency energy flows from the device tip to the skin, warming the skin to approximately 42 to 44 degrees Celsius without compromising treatment comfort. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes. Over a period of weeks to months following treatment, new collagen growth is encouraged, leading to improvement in skin texture, laxity, and even wrinkles.

What areas of the face or body can be treated with Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite?

Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite treatment on the face includes area around the eyes, the jowls, lower face, and neck. The treatment offers jowl lift without surgery and tighten jawline. Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite on the body tighten skin laxity of the arms, knees, and abdomen may be improved with treatment.

Who will be a suitable good candidate?

Anyone who does not have a pacemaker or metallic implant will be a suitable candidate. Patients with relatively good skin elasticity or “spring back” respond more readily to treatment. Patients with poor skin texture may present with modest results or require frequent treatments. Lastly, anyone seeking skin tightening for instance, to tighten the jawline, but hoping to avoid discomfort or surgery may benefit from Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite.

How does it feel?

Treatment with Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite is comfortable and a single area takes approximately 20 minutes. During treatment, the Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite tip is constantly gliding over the skin in circles, which feels like a warm roller ball floating over the skin’s surface. It is helps to tighten sagging neck skin.

Is there any downtime?

Mild redness usually disappear within hours after Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite treatment. Normal activity can be resume after treatment.

How many treatments are recommended?

A series of treatments are recommended for ideal result. Exilis Elite / Protégé Elite is typically performed two to four weeks apart.

Enhance your appearance from head to toe with the BTL Exilis Ultra 360.


Looking for the best treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, aging skin and unwanted fat deposits on your face and body? A combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound is at once affordable and clinically-proven.

How Does Exilis Ultra 360 Work?

Exilis Ultra 360 is an anti-aging generation of skin tightening treatments. The addition of diffuse ultrasound in combination with radiofrequency allows more transmission of energy and greater conductivity of the heat to the treatment area.

Treated area will heat faster, easier and more effectively stimulates collagen and elastin for skin tightening and reduce the fine lines on face. It also increases the fat reduction which is efficient for body contouring. Exilis Ultra 360 also comes with two unique applicators – big and small.

The big applicator is used on the body as it heats and reduces fat in the deep layer without harming the skin. The device works by emitting controlled cooling to the skin and heating energy to varying depths, ranging from the superficial layer of skin to deeper fat layer.

The small applicator has five different tips that can be used interchangeably on more than 20 parts of the face and body. Its versatile design also makes it a safe option that provides treatment at various comfortable levels.

Exilis Ultra 360 is a safe non-invasive skin tightening treatment as it stimulates collagen production, resulting in smoother skin without injections or surgery.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Exilis Ultra 360?

Exilis Ultra 360 provides firmer, younger-looking skin in the different body areas. Commonly
treated areas of the face and body include the eyes, chin, mouth, jaw, décolleté, arms, back, male breasts, abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, ankles, elbows, and knees.

Whether you’re dealing with eye or forehead wrinkles, the combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound can help stimulate and strengthen skin, reduce fine lines on face and address other body concerns.


Patients report minimal to none discomfort. You can literally resume exercising or return to work post the therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Exilis Ultra 360?

Exilis Ultra 360 has been clinically-tested and proven for fat reduction, skin tightening, body contouring and improving the appearance of skin without downtime or discomfort. Many patients seek this non-invasive procedure to achieve cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, the rejuvenation of intimate areas, or skin tightening due to skin laxity. The procedure requires no anaesthesia and no pain medications and results in little to no side effects.


The unique EFC™ (Energy Flow Control) ensures the optimal level of power is delivered to the target tissue always; energy is being monitored and adjusted in real-time.

Is Exilis Ultra 360 Safe?

TNot only is the Exilis Ultra 360 safe, it can also be a comfortable experience. Many clients say that the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.

No needles or scalpels are used, resulting in no pain. The device is safe to use as the heat is controllable through the applicator. When the device is not in contact with the skin, it stops delivering energy.


Patients in many clinical studies have reported good clinical body shaping and ideal treatment for fine lines.

Is there any downtime? How often shall I repeat Exilis Ultra 360?

You may schedule your appointment during your lunch break and resume your normal activities after. Results from Exilis can typically be seen after at least four treatments.

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