Skintyte for Tummy and Buttocks

Skintyte for Tummy and Buttocks

Skintyte is a treatment that uses infra-red technology for skin tightening in the tummy and buttock areas. It is a fast and effective treatment that could be repeated on the same area every few weeks. This procedure is extremely effective on stretch marks after pregnancy and tummy tuck.

This is a non-invasive procedure that heats up the deeper dermis and tissues while encouraging new collagen formulate for skin tightening. It deploys infrared light which our qualified and competent aesthetic doctors are able to perform deftly. The collagen hidden deep in the skin is heated up to tighten and contract the loose skin areas for better outcomes.

The best of SkinTyte devices is applied by our doctors to enhance the contour and texture of the skin on the tummy and eliminate the problem of tummy tuck. This procedure is also effective with brachioplasty, arm lifts, facelift, lower eyelid lift or brow lift.

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