Skin Booster

Skin Booster

As we age, our skin produce less hyaluronic acid and collagen production starts to slow down. The skin will become dry, dull and dehydrated. Fine lines will become visible and the skin will start to sag.

While we can’t defy aging, we can slow down skin aging process by hydrating our skin with Skin Booster treatment to achieve the Dewy complexion.


Skin Booster provides intense hydration to the skin. By restoring the hydration in the skin, the skin becomes firm, smooth and radiant. Reducing fine lines and lifting the sagging skin.

This new treatment concept uses Restylane Vital Light, Teosyal RD1 or Belotero Hydro to treat the skin thereby restoring the shine and elasticity to the skin. This is a natural non-animal hyaluronic acid which uses the NASHA technology. It gives natural, long-lasting results and has a low risk of hypersensitivity reactions.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

This treatment uses natural hyaluronic acid found within the body to restore skin elasticity. It is suitable for most skin, especially mature skin. Improvements to the skin can be seen after the first treatment. Also, the results are natural and long-lasting.

How is the procedure done?

An anesthetic cream is first applied and left on the face for about 20 minutes to numb the treatment area.

The hyaluronic acid dermal filler is then injected into the superficial layer of the skin via micro- injections using a special Vital Injector. The injector allows the product to be delivered at a precise depth in the skin with minimal discomfort.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and a facial mask is then applied to give further hydration and calm the skin. There might be mild redness and occasional bruising after the procedure and make up can be applied the day after.

What result will I get from Skin Booster?

Intense hydration of the skin is achieved after treatment, resulting in radiant, smooth lifted skin.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment will take roughly 60 minutes in total.

The treatment can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks when necessary and a total of 3 treatment sessions is recommended. Thereafter, the treatment can be repeated 6 months later if needed.

How long does it last?

Depending on individual skin condition, the results can last between 1 to 2 years. Repeated treatments are possible for maintenance.

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