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Vanquish slimming device uses non-invasive Selective RF system, or thermal energy, to deliver energy to your body to break down fat cells. The device does not touch your body. The fat cells are then naturally flushed out by the body over time.

What is so interesting about this treatment is that it selectively delivers energy to fat without the risk of overheating the skin, muscles or internal organs.  Scientific research shows that the treatment causes the natural death of fat cells (Apoptosis).

Vanquish is a safe treatment that was clinically tested and cleared. There’s usually no pain, no necessary downtime and no virtual side-effects as the machine doesn’t even touch you.

Another benefit is that it is not limited to any BMI restrictions. It can be adjusted for different body sizes.
Vanquish Me / Flex

There are two types of devices: One for the mid-section; one for the thighs


Tissue Selectivity

The design of energy delivery helps target the thermal effect into the deep tissue, at the same time protecting surrounding layers.

Frequencies match the impedance of deep tissue and specifically affect those layers.

Unique Thermal Profile

The body part that has been selected for treatment will be located in the high-frequency electric field the device produces. It will increase the temperature in the target tissue while protecting the surrounding tissue from reaching high temperatures.

VANQUISH ME – Tummy & Love Handle Slimming

Vanquish Me covers a large area – the abdominal area from flank to flank.

It is designed for all body sizes and will leave no unevenness or lines of demarcation.

Treatment Procedure of Vanquish Me:

Contactless Fat Reduction Device (Vanquish Slimming)

  • Kills fat cells
  • Can be used on tummy & thigh
  • FDA-cleared and Scientifically proved
  • No anesthesia or pain medication needed
  • 4 sessions with 1 month apart
  • Can treat large area in one session

VANQUISH FLEX – Thigh Slimming

Vanquish Flex has a device adapted for use on the thighs — both inner and outer thighs.

VANQUISH FLEX – Thigh Slimming

The thighs are a notoriously difficult part of the body to keep toned, it can also cause uncomfortable problems like chafing, and the ageing process may cause stubborn fat to manifest on the inner and outer thighs.  Not just that, larger thighs can lead to other cosmetic issues like the development of cellulite.

Simply lay back while your practitioner adjusts the flexible panels of the Vanquish Flex to surround your thighs, and relax for an hour while the heat lipolysis system does its work.

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Contact-less Thigh Slimming


Am I a good candidate for the Vanquish Treatment?

A fat reduction treatment, suitable for patients who wants to remove unwanted fat and the perfect solution on how to lose weight. Vanquish Me/ Flex is not a weight-loss treatment for people who are obese or a substitute for surgical methods such as liposuction or gastric bandage.

What are the side effects?

Vanquish Fat Reduction is a safe treatment on how to lose weight and has been scientifically tested on the abdomen and love handles, proven to be safe and effective. There is no pain associated with the Vanquish Fat Reduction treatments. During therapy, you will feel a mild to moderate heat sensation. The side effect is minimal and includes mild redness, warmth and tissue tenderness.

How does the treatment feel like?

You will be positioned comfortably with the device placed over the treatment area. During your treatment session, you might feel a little warmth in the treatment area. As the treatment progresses, you will feel mild to moderate heat sensation. Most patients relax or fall asleep during fat reduction treatment.

Can I return to my normal routine after treatments?

Yes, you may resume your normal routine after treatment. While some patient might experience mild redness and warmth after treatment, these side effects will last only minutes to hours and have no effect on your daily life. You may feel mild tenderness over the treated area for a few days.

When will I see results?

You may start to see improvement days after your first treatment. However, you will see greater results as early as 2 weeks after your final treatment. You may experience continued slimming as your body rid itself of fat cells.

At the end of your treatment series, you will see and feel a noticeable difference. Many patients are happier with the contour of their midsection as treatment significantly reduce love handles too. They report that their clothes feel looser around the waist. Your slimming result will last as long as you maintain your current weight and lifestyle.

Are diet and exercise required in order to see results?

No, treatment can be effective without a strict diet or exercise regimen. However, patients are motivated to maintain healthier lifestyles once they receive Vanquish treatments. The only thing required to prepare your body for treatment is proper hydration. By drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment will help rid excess fluid and toxins and aid in metabolic processes.

How often do I need to repeat the treatment?

Repeat treatment every week with treatment lasting 45 minutes. Recommended 4 to 6 treatments of Vanquish for the ideal result.

What is the cost?

You can have a trial session from $180.

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