How to Remove Warts?

How to Remove Warts

Troubled by skin lumps appearing on random parts of your body? You might be suffering from warts. Warts are harmless skin growths cause by a virus. How to Remove Warts?

What is warts?

Warts are caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. They can grow on any part of your body and can appear like bumps with a rough surface or flat lumps. Warts never turn cancerous but more often than not are a nuisance and unsightly. People with a weakened immune system are more likely to have warts. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for warts.

How to get rid of warts?

There are a variety of treatments for wart removal and they all involve destroying the layer of skin which the wart grows on. This can be done using topical chemicals like Verrumal solution (salicylic acid), laser excision, cryotherapy (freezing using liquid nitrogen) or surgery.

In recent years, long pulse lasers have also been used to treat warts on the foot, palms and under the nails as warts in those areas tend to be less amenable to treatments mentioned above.

Here in Healthsprings, we are able to treat warts using Verrumal solution, laser excision or long pulse lasers.  Please feel free to speak to us if you have another questions or if you desire to have your warts treated!

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