How to get slimmer thighs?

How to get slimmer thighs?

How to get slimmer thighs? Walking to get slimmer thighs —

Tried all sorts of methods to slim down your thighs? This body part may be one of the more commonly disliked areas. Achieving slimmer or leaner thighs may not be out of reach with a proper active plan. Even though it is impossible to target weight loss to a particular body part, there are specific ways one can do to shape up the legs.

Walk, don’t run.

It’s all about power walking. Walking can improve muscle tone in your lower body and burn calories. In fact, a 45-minute brisk can burn at least 270 calories (based on a 50kg woman). It is also a low-impact exercise anyone can easily incorporate into one’s everyday routine.

For starters, 30-45 minutes per session at thrice a week, and then build it up to an hour four times a week. The power walking can be done at a consistent pace, just under jogging. Avoid steep inclines or running as this may bulk up the calve muscles.

Here are a few other tips to help burn fat more efficiently:

#Tip 1:  Walk right before breakfast

Experts say the best strategy for lowering body fat percentage is to go on a walk soon after waking up. Since the body is already in calorie deficit due to glycogen depletion, active minutes will spur the body’s fat-burning ability.

#Tip 2: Do the “Talking Test”

If you’re chatting more than breathing, you may need to increase your pace. Try to establish a pace where talking and breathing can be a little challenging for you.

#Tip 3: A little added weight can’t hurt

Adding extra weight can boost calorie burn. Try a 1-2kg dumbbell.

#Tip 4: Just keep counting!

According to heart experts, 10,000 steps (or 8km) a day is recommended. Stay motivated by using a pedometer to track your steps.

#Tip 5: If all else fails…

If walking does not give you the ideal figure, you may choose to get a booster with aesthetic treatments.

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