Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Many of us look after our face judiciously and adhere to strict regimes of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and applying sun block regularly. Not many of us bother to do that for our necks!

Due to lack of bony support, neck wrinkles actually appear more easily than facial wrinkles and appearance wise, are every bit as undesirable as facial wrinkles. Hence, looking after our neck is as important as looking after our face.

Treatments for the Neck

When neck wrinkles appear, what can be done? Basically, any treatment that is used for facial wrinkles can also be used for neck wrinkles. Hence, treatments like Botox, fillers, Thermage, STAR Treatment and Ultherapy all can be used to treat neck wrinkles.

Non-invasive and Comfortable Treatment for Neck Lines

One of the most popular non-invasive treatment to reduce neck lines and tighten the skin is STAR Treatment. It also helps to reduce pigmentation and improve texture of the neck.

Watch live STAR Treatment to address the issue of double chin and neck lines:

Do not fret about which treatment to choose, our doctors will decide on the optimal therapy after a thorough assessment of your neck wrinkles.  Call us for an appointment and get those neck lines treated!

Read more about Botox, FillersSTAR Treatment, and Thermage, and Don’t Forget Your Neck!.


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