How to remove dark spots?

Some of us may notice flat, brown spots appearing on our face and hands.

How to remove dark spots?

These spots may be genetic, appear in middle age, or form earlier from sun exposure.

Pigmented spots caused by sun damage is also known as Solar lentigo.

Anyone can get sun spots.

Anyone can get sun spots.

And sun damage can be pretty unavoidable especially when we’re living in this sunny island. ????????????

Anyone can get sun spots. 2

There are mainly 2 ways of removing/lightening the spot:

#1 Topical creams

Formulations containing hydroquinone and/or tretinoin and a variety of lightening agents such as kojic acid and azelaic acid may be used to lighten solar lentigo.

However, it usually takes longer time and results vary across individuals.

#2 Lasers & Broadband Light (BBL Forever Young)

Lasers can be used to remove the spot. Q-switched lasers are very effective in clearing such brown / dark spots.

Topical creams

BBL Forever Young is also effective in dealing with such pigments. There may be darkening of the spot initially after laser or BBL but it will lighten after 1-2 weeks. More than one treatment may be needed to achieve complete or near-complete removal.

BBL Forever Young

Solar lentigo is due to ultraviolet (UV) damage from the sun’s rays. Hence, without proper sun protection, solar lentigo can always recur. It is important to use high SPF sunblock regularly.

Given the strong sunlight we experience in Singapore, a sunblock with SPF 30++ and above is minimal and ideally, re-application is recommended every 2-3 hours.

Best case scenario would be to avoid the sunlight as much as possible.

If your skin is pigment-prone, it is recommended to include anti-oxidant and skin brightening skincare in your daily skincare regime.

Healthsprings’ Brightening Duo (Crystal White Gel & Vitamin C Serum)

These Healthsprings’ products are catered to pigment-prone and aging skin.

Crystal White Gel – Lightens uneven skin tone, has UV protection to filter sun exposure. It is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin C Serum – Delivers hydration, firming, and lightening effects.

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