Differences between Pico Lasers and Which One to Choose?

Have been searching for pigmentation removal in Singapore or Laser for pigmentation removal in Singapore? Pico Lasers must be in the top few searches!

There are so many Pico Lasers available in the market, but FOTONA Starwalker PICO PQX has shortest pulse duration and highest peak power, which can effectively address your skin concerns – pigments, pores, scars and tattoos.

So… to answer the frequently asked question (FAQ), “Which Pico Laser is the best?”

In Healthsprings, we believe in these factors below:

a) Consider the skills of the Aesthetic Doctor

You may have the best Pico Laser in the world, but the aesthetic doctor’s diagnosis, choice of treatment protocol and the way the machine is being handled is very important as well. In order for the Pico Laser to work well on your skin, the settings have to be adjusted accordingly to suit individual’s condition, and a skilled aesthetic doctor is capable of tweaking it correspondingly. Rest assured that you will be in good hands because the doctors in Healthsprings have the knowledge, experience and skills of 30 years.

b) Consider the Brand and Country of Manufacture

The Fractional LIOB (Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown) Pico Laser, originated from Europe, is an FDA-Approved device from Fotona; a medical laser company that specializes in its laser systems for applications in aesthetics and dermatology. With the many years of experience in the laser industry, you can be certain of its quality picosecond laser technology.

Looking for an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that can help you with laser for pigmentation in Singapore? You may visit Healthsprings, an aesthetic clinic in Orchard, to help you with your skin concerns. Healthsprings is located at 541 Orchard Road #11-01, Liat Towers Singapore 238881.

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