Laser Mole Removal

Laser Mole Removal is a FDA approved laser treatment is a safe and quick process to remove unwanted moles that does not involve stitching. We use CO2 Laser that targets moles with precision and can be effective when it’s done by a skilled doctor. It works by emitting a wavelength of high energy light that targets at the treated area.

It is also minimally invasive with minimal downtime. Laser mole removal tends to heal well hence it is ideal for faces and all body parts. After the mole removal treatment, the treated area might be irritated with visible symptoms of redness and a mild depressed wound.

Our patients will be given a post-laser cream to help with the healing of skin and reduce inflammation. The cream will be applied daily for about a week until the skin is fully healed. After the treatment, it is important to protect the treated area from the sun. In some cases, several treatments may be required for optimum results.

However, larger moles might not be ideal for laser removal . If you have an unwanted mole that you would like to remove, we would recommend that you consult our trusted doctors and have an assessment before the laser removal. It is important to make sure the mole is not cancerous before deciding on removal.

Book a consultation with our experienced doctors to find out more at 9728 2861!

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