Hand Rejuvenation with Fillers & Lasers

For Younger-Looking Hands: No matter how young our face may look, our aging hands can give away our age easily. Fortunately, we can now count on fillers and lasers to make aging hands look younger!

Many people spend thousands of dollars reversing the signs of aging on their face, however, there is one area that most of us always forget about – the hands!

No matter how young our face may look, our aging hands can give away our age easily.

Hand rejuvenation with fillers & lasers

Our hands betray our age when they lose volume due to natural course of aging.

As we age, our hands become more wrinkly, showing more bones, tendons, and veins.

Sun damage can cause hands to look old too.

Fortunately, there are plenty of effective hand rejuvenation methods to treat these signs of aging.

Hand rejuvenation with fillers & lasers 2

Example: Dermal fillers and Lasers

Dermal fillers and lasers commonly used on the face, are just as effective in making the hands look more youthful!

Dermal fillers for the hands

Fillers are injected into the hands to plump and smooth the skin that might reveal your age.

It increases the skin’s thickness and stimulates natural collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin, and hiding unsightly veins and tendons.

The process involves the use of micro-cannula to inject the filler just under the skin. Local anesthetic ensures a relatively pain free experience. Generally, 2 sessions over a 4-week period are needed and effects can last upwards of 6 months to even a few years.

Lasers for the hands

Lasers are the gold standard when it comes to treating sun spots, age spots, and skin texture. After a few sessions, you will notice significant lightening and reduction of those spots on the hands, and hands will become smoother. Some lasers are also able to stimulate deep collagen regeneration with minimal redness and downtime.

Our experienced doctors are able to assess your hands and recommend treatments as needed. Don’t let your hands give away your age, make an appointment with us today!

Contact us at 9728 2861.

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