What is Freckles, Lentigenes and Melasma?


What is Freckles, Lentigenes and Melasma?

Sun exposure results in skin pigmentation like freckles, lentigenes and melasma over time.

Treatment options include:

1. Sunblock and supplement
– Topical Sunblock is essential to prevent darkening of existing hyperpigmentation and to lighten existing hyperpigmentation. They should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure.
– Oral sunblock is also available to be taken before sun exposure to protect the skin from further sun damage and pigmentation.
– Skin supplements containing antioxidants have also been shown to lighten the skin, making the skin appear fairer, pigmentation lighter.

2. Creams
Creams containing Vitamin C, kojic acid, arbutin and hydroquinone are commonly used to lighten skin pigmentation. However, they should be used appropriately for best results. Creams containing Hydroquinone will require a prescription from a doctor.

3. Light treatment is able to lighten pigmentation. It breaks down the skin pigment, allowing the body to clear it naturally.

4. Laser treatment is able to remove the different pigmentation. Similar to light treatment, it breaks down the pigment, allowing the body to remove it naturally.

The use of light or laser option will depend on the depth and character of the pigment which the doctor will be able to assess and prescribe appropriately.

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