Which is the Best Eye Cream?

Which is the Best Eye Cream? What are the ways to reduce eye wrinkles, droopy eye lids, dark eye rings and eyebags?

Many have asked this question. Which is the best eye cream available in the market to treat my eye problems. Wrinkles, dark eye rings, eye bags and droopy eye lids are the common complaints.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect eye cream. But there are non invasive, non surgical with minimal downtime treatments available to manage these problems.

Eyes Treatment

Wrinkles around the eyes. Botolinum toxin is a good and reliable treatment. It gives maximum results in 2 weeks and last for 3 to 6 months after one treatment. It works by paralyzing the muscles around the eyes that wrinkles when we smile, thereby smoothening out the lines.

Droopy eyelids is inevitable as one age. Thermage eyes, Ulthera eyes and Fotona eye laser helps to lift eyelids and reduce eyebags. Thermage uses radiofrequency waves, Ulthera uses ultrasound and Fotona utilizes laser to tighten collagen and stimulate new collagen to lift the eyelids and reduce eyebags. A combination of all 3 can also be used for best results.

Dark eye rings is the usual complaints of those who are sleep deprived or with nose allergies. They have prominent “panda eyes” that show through even with eye makeup. Laser treatment to the eyes, fillers and Korean threadlift are the options that help to reduce the dark eye rings.

Eye bags are the most difficult to manage. Surgery is probably the best option for large eyebags. But for the smaller eyebags, fillers, Korean threadlift, Thermage, Ulthera and Fotona eye lasers are the options that can improve the eyebags.

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Do call and arrange an appointment to speak to our doctors to discuss the treatment options best suited for your eye condition.


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