Non-surgical Procedures for Eyebags and Droopy Lids

Now that we are wearing masks every day due to COVID-19, our eyes have become the focal point of our appearance. Droopy eyelids and eyebags may make us look older and more tired than we feel.

What treatment options are there for droopy eyelids and eyebags?

Droopy eyelids

The skin on our eyelids lose elasticity as we age, and the muscles supporting them weaken. Considering that we blink more than 10 times a minute, it’s not surprising that our eyelids need a little help as we reach a certain age.

Treatment for droopy eyelids

    1. Lasers, radio-frequency & ultrasound treatment (to target saggy skin)Fotona Smooth Eye laser, Thermage Eyes, and Ultherapy stimulate collagen production and remodelling via laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound waves respectively, resulting in improved skin elasticity and lifting of eyelids. The skin-tightening and lifting effects continue for several months after the treatment.
    1. Botox & fillersBotox can be used to target crows’ feet, which helps to open up the eyes. Fillers to the temples provide support to the eyelids. These injectable treatments can be combined with the energy-based treatments for better results..

    1. Blepharoplasty surgeryFor severe droopy eyelids, blepharoplasty surgery to remove the excess skin tissue is the best option.

Eye Bags

Eyebags also become more obvious as we age. As the skin and supporting, structures around our eyes and upper cheeks lose elasticity and weaken, excess fat may protrude below the eyes, resulting in eye bags.

Treatment for eyebags

  1. Surgical optionFor large eye bags, surgery is recommended for best results to remove the excess skin and fatty tissues.

2. Fillers, thread lift (to target volume loss)For smaller eye bags, there are non-surgical treatment options, however, results are more subtle and several treatment modalities or sessions may be required. The appearance of eye bags may be improved, but not removed completely.As eyebags are partly due to the loss of volume and support from temples and cheeks, fillers and thread lifts are useful for replacing the lost volume in these areas. They are inserted strategically around the face and eyes, providing support to the skin around the eyes and therefore reducing the appearance of eye bags.

3. Lasers, radio-frequency & ultrasound treatment (to target saggy skin)Energy-based devices such as the Fotona Smooth Eye laserThermage EyesExilis Ultra, and Ultherapy can also be used to further tighten the saggy skin of the eye bags and stimulate new collagen formation around the eyes.

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