Which areas of the face are fillers commonly injected into?

Characteristics of a youthful face are usually defined by high cheekbones, full cheeks, a defined chin, sharp jawline, and plump lips. There is harmony between the various parts and structures of the face. With age, the facial fat pads, muscles, and bones which provide structure to the face break down and shift, resulting in a heavy-set appearance which gives away one’s age.

Filler injections are popular treatments as they can restore volume to various areas of the face, instantly refreshing a tired appearance and reversing signs of ageing.


Which areas of the face are suitable for fillers?

Which areas of the face are fillers commonly injected into


  1. Temples

You may not have paid much attention to your temples, but they are an important area that gives your upper face a smooth contour and youthful appearance, like the desired oval or heart-shaped face. Loss of volume in the temples as the decades pass creates an unbalanced peanut-shaped facial appearance.

Apart from replacing lost volume in the temples, filler injection into this area also has a big impact on the rest of the face. It acts like a scaffolding support to the mid and lower face, and improves the appearance of the cheeks and eye region.



  1. Under eyes

Sunken and hollow under eye areas can make dark eye circles appear more prominent. Some people find that dark eye circles make them look tired all the time, no matter how well rested they are. Filler injection in this area instantly refreshes tired looking eyes, and is an efficient treatment to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye shadowing.

Under eyes


  1. Cheeks

We tend to experience volume loss in the cheeks with age, which results in a deflated appearance of the cheeks and prominent sagging of the skin. Fillers injected into the cheeks can restore a more youthful yet natural appearance.



  1. Smile lines – Nasolabial folds and marionette lines

Smile lines, otherwise known as nasolabial folds – are the lines from the sides of the nose to corners of the mouth. Marionette lines are the creases that form below each corner of the mouth to the jawline. These lines frequently cause bother to many as it is a giveaway to a person’s age. Fillers are useful in these areas to plump up the hollow

Smile lines – Nasolabial folds and marionette lines


  1. Chin

Many Asians have short or receding chins, which affects the overall face shape. When viewed from the side, the chin is an important feature of an attractive face. Previously, the only option available to reshape the chin was surgery, however, fillers are gaining popularity now as they are much less invasive. Chin fillers also help to reduce the dimpling “orange peel” appearance at the chin.



  1. Lips

Lips tend to get thinner with age as well, therefore fillers are a natural choice for this area. It is understandable that many are worried that lip fillers will look unnatural and over the top, however, an experienced aesthetic doctor will tailor the treatment to achieve a subtle enhancement to your natural lip shape.


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