Stay at Home & DIY Facial Treatment

Missing your regular skin treatment during this Circuit Breaker period? We feel you!

Stay at Home & DIY Facial Treatment

Though we stay indoors most of the time during this COVID-19 period, our skin can still feel oily, clogged, and dehydrated.

With increasing housework at home, as well as the humid weather recently, it can make our skin worse!

Facial Tips & Self Care at Home

Facial Tips & Self Care at Home

To help you rejuvenate, we have prepared some facial tips & tricks that you can DIY at home this CB period.

First of all, don’t forget to apply sunblock at home even though you are working from home.

There are two types of damaging sun rays: UVA and UVB. Window blocks some of the UVB rays but UVA rays can penetrate through windows. UVA rays are generally linked to the aging of skin cells and tend to be the cause of wrinkles, sunspots and other signs of sun damage.

DIY Your Facial Experience at Home (7 Steps)

DIY Your Facial Experience at Home (7 Steps)

1) Create a SPA-like environment

Create a SPA-like environment

Create a relaxing ambience and set the mood right. Some soothing background music combined with scented candle would do the trick. Prepare the skincare products, face towel, a basin that you are going to use.

2) Cleansing


Begin your first step of facial treatment with a double-cleanse. Start with a makeup remover to remove makeup residue or sunscreen. Next, use a gentle cleanser to remove the dirt and keep pores clean. It is good to use a less harsh cleanser during this stay home period.

3) Exfoliate

You should exfoliate up to three times per week to ensure you are not letting oil, bacteria, dirt, and dead skin build-up, which can lead to breakouts.

If your exfoliator and scrubs is too harsh for the skin, try Healthsprings Glow Serum which can gently remove dead skin cells, lighten acne scars, blemishes and pigmentation. Leaving you clear, glowy skin.

4) Mask


Choose your face mask based on whatever current issues your skin is facing.

At healthsprings, we prefer to use Bio-cellulose mask which contains brightening and moisturising effect. It contains the ingredient of white tomato that helps to lighten the skin. It infuses and locks in long-lasting moisture to dry and parched skin.

Choose your face mask

Healthsprings Crystal White Facial Mask can be bought here.

5) Steam (optional)

If you have a bowl, fill it with hot water and position your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to let your skin ‘open up’ while masking. It helps to open up the bowl and reap the benefits of drinking up the benefits from the mask.

6) Moisturise


After you remove the mask, layer on a serum and moisturizer.

7) Massage or “Face Yoga”

Massage or Face Yoga

Give yourself a facial massage or a “Face Yoga” to boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is good for anti-aging and tightening of facial muscles too.

However, do not do it too excessively otherwise you risk bringing too much stretch to the skin and muscles in the face.

Hope you try these steps at home and have a relaxing facial session! 

The above DIY Facial tips are only suitable for you to achieve some basic cleansing, moisturising, and relaxation.

Avoid These Steps when You DIY Facials at Home

1) Do Not Squeeze Your Pimples

Do Not Squeeze Your Pimples

If you don’t have the correct technique to do so. Squeezing it with the incorrect method may harm your skin and increase the chances of infections, lead to scarring, and worsen inflammation .associated with a breakout.

Do Not Squeeze Your Pimples 2


There are different types of treatment for the different skin issue. You can seek advice from our aesthetic doctor via online or tele-consult.

2) Do Not Use Unsafe Devices

Do Not Use Unsafe Devices

Some people may have ordered IPL and Micro-needling home kit online. Our doctors would not recommend you to incorporate a device if the source of the device is unknown because ‘Safety Comes First’.

It can be dangerous if the device is misused at home and when the setting is wrong. It can lead to potential injury e.g. burn and blister to the skin, making the skin worse or even cause scarring.

Online & Tele-Consultation with Aesthetic Doctor this COVID-19 Period

Some skin concerns e.g. pigmentation, scars, sagging skin, and cystic acne are hard to treat at home.

Online & Tele-Consultation with Aesthetic Doctor this COVID-19 Period

For your convenience, Healthsprings offer online and tele-consultation during this period. We offer same-day creams and medications delivery too.

When the Circuit Breaker is lifted, you can always visit the aesthetic clinics and let our doctor treat your skin.

Online & Tele-Consultation with Aesthetic Doctor this COVID-19 Period 2

Contact us at +65 9728 2861


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