What is Profhilo, Skinboosters and Rejuran?

What is Profhilo, Skinboosters and Rejuran? That is a common question regarding the 3 skin injections.

All 3 treatments have their own unique benefits and have been proven to be effective in their respective treatment fields. Every patient’s skin is different. It is essential to take into account a patient’s skin needs and areas of concerns before choosing a treatment.  These concerns could be skin laxity, dryness, rough skin texture, large pores, scars and uneven skin tone. Hence, perhaps the more important question to ask would be “Which treatment suits me the best?” Before we move on to answer that question, below is a quick summary of the difference between those 3 treatments.


Which treatment do I need?

Aging skin, dryness, laxity, loss of elasticity and saggy skin

Patients with the above skin issues will benefit the most from Profhilo. The high molecular weight and low molecular weight HA found in Profhilo not only hydrates the skin but also causes bio-remodelling in multiple levels of the skin. Bio-remodelling stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving skin laxity, loss of elasticity and sagginess.

Profhilo requires only 5 injection points on each side of the face. Therefore pain and downtime is minimal.

Dry skin, dull looking skin, fine lines

Skinboosters works best for patients who desire to improve their skin hydration and add glow and radiance to their complexion. HA, a naturally occurring substance that is able to hold up to 10,000x its weight in water, is injected into the skin.   This increases hydration levels and gives the skin a natural looking glow.

Multiple microinjections are used to inject free HA into the skin. This can be done using an auto-injector, manual hand injections or a combination of both. Injection points may last 2-5 days and there is a possibility of bruising.

Acne scars, open pores, sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, redness

Patients with the above concerns stand to benefit the most from Rejuran. Rejuran contains polynucleotides derived from salmon DNA. These polynucleotides when injected into the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and skin healing.

Similar to skinboosters, Rejuran is injected into the skin at multiple points using an auto-injector or manual hand injections. Injection marks may last for 2-5 days. There is also a possibility of bruising.

Acne scars, open pores, sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, redness

Which treatment are you most keen? 

This really depends on the needs of your skin and your personal concerns and preferences. There is no one size fits all modality and combination treatment may be needed to achieve your desired results.  Speak to your doctor about your needs, concerns and desired results and a personalized treatment plan will be generated for you.


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