Men Body Shaping Treatments

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy body weight and body shape, it could be due to your evening habits.

Stress, poor sleep, late night snacks and alcohol, as well as lack of exercise could be some of the factors that cause unsightly weight gain in men.

Men Body Shaping Treatments


Let’s face it, we all would like to make a great impression every time and we sometimes need a little help.

With some of our fat burning & body sculpting solutions, you can now achieve a firmer and well-sculpted body shape effortlessly and non-surgically.

fat burning & body sculpting

At Healthsprings, we often combine the use of two or more machines to target different concerns — so that we can maximise the results in a shorter time frame.

(2-in-1) Fire & Ice Fat Destroyer Program: 

Vanquish Me/ Flex + LipoCryo Fat Freeze

Vanquish Me/ Flex + LipoCryo Fat Freeze

Suitable for: Stubborn fat around midsection or thighs

How it works: Fire and ice body sculpting program uses a combination of two modalities for greater synergy in targeting fat cells.

The first part is cryolipolysis or fat-freezing, which uses controlled cooling to low temperatures to kill fat cells without destruction of the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. Areas which can be treated are those with pinchable pockets of fat such as the abdomen, love handles, and hips. Studies have shown 25 percent fat reduction in treated areas.

However, just removing fat by freezing can lead to more obvious loose skin and cellulite. This is where the “fire” part of treatment helps. BTL Vanquish uses radiofrequency to heat and destroy fat cells, while stimulating collagen tightening and regeneration in the skin. It also targets a larger area for circumferential fat loss, and which cannot be targeted using cryolipolysis.

The two treatments can be done in the same session or one week apart. The mix of hot and cold temperatures has shown better results as compared to stand-alone treatments.

Results: Results are best seen after 4-6 weeks as it takes time for the body to remove the damaged fat cells and expel the fat.

(3-in-1) 360 Burn & Firm Program

Vanquish Me + Exilis + X-Wave

Vanquish Me + Exilis + X-Wave

Suitable for: Stubborn fats around the body, cellulite, loose skin

How it works: Vanquish Me & Vanquish Flex work to shrink & destroy fat cells.

X-Wave works by physically breaking down the fat cells and improve the appearance of cellulite and skin elasticity using the technology of acoustic waves.

Exilis is useful for body sculpting and increase collagen production and remodeling — giving you the healthy and firm skin that you always wanted.

Results: Results are best seen after 4-6 weeks as it takes time for the body to remove the damaged fat cells and expel the fat, as well as

the process of collagen production.

Both treatment programs above are suitable for women too.

Want to know more about how to reduce body fat? Schedule a consultation with our doctors for more information on Healthsprings’ body sculpting programs.


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