Express Laser Treatments You Can Do During Lunchtime

Looking to do express laser treatments during lunctime? You can drop by Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetic clinic if you are in the town area.

There are many quick and effective treatments you can do in your busy and hectic schedule to improve your skin quality to look younger and fresher. These are the various aesthetic treatments in Singapore you can consider, with minimal to no downtime! Try these Express Laser Treatments You Can Do During Lunchtime!

For a start, our aesthetic doctor in Singapore with experience close to 30 years, will have a personalised consultation with you to assess your skin condition and advise you better in person with regards to the different treatments that are suitable for you. Light treatment such as BBL (broadband light) therapy that uses various wavelengths with adjustable filters to brighten skin, reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone. Light treatment also helps in anti-ageing and targets active acne.

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You can also try laser treatments, such as Q-switch Laser or Pico Laser to break down the pigments at a specific wavelength. It helps with skin rejuvenation, brightening skin tone, pigmentations as well as tattoo removal.

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To improve skin around your eyes, Eyes Rejuvenation Treatment is a non-invasive laser treatment that has different settings which helps with skin tightening, light peel, and stimulate collagen. It is performed to reduce eye bags and fine lines around the eyes. If you have extra time to spare, go for a full face can be done to treat the whole face for face lifting and skin tightening to achieve a youthful-looking and radiant face. These are FDA-Approved medical-grade treatment performed by experienced doctors in Singapore.

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These are the Express Laser Treatments You Can Do During Lunchtime. Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetic Clinic is a certified aesthetic clinic in Singapore (Orchard) that is located at 541 Orchard Road #11-01 / 04 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881. For more information, you may contact us at +65 6836 8386 / +65 9728 2861.

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