Easy & Quick Workout at Home

It’s not surprising that many have gained weight during this Circuit Breaker and stay home period.

People sitting around more, stress eating and snacking out of boredom while holed up inside their homes.

Easy & Quick Workout at Home

Before we can resume our Vanquish Fat Melting treatment, let’s try some really simple home workouts to tone up the body.

3 Easy & Short “At-Home” Workouts

Each workout below takes less than 20 minutes and requires no equipment.

1. 7-Min Abs Workout

Each move is 1 minute long, and there are 7 moves total. You easily complete it while waiting for your Zoom meeting.

7-Min Abs Workout

source: Jar of Lemons

2. 12-Min Lower Body Muscle Building Workout

Building muscle burns more calories in the long run than cardio does.

This set of workout is great for muscle building. All you need is 2x water bottles (to replace weights) that is challenging enough but not too heavy for you.

12-Min Lower Body Muscle Building Workout

source: Jar of Lemons

3. 20-Min Full Body Workout

This is a ‘beginner-friendly’ workout with a couple of breaks.

No equipment necessary and not much space needed.

It is important that you consult your doctor if you have health conditions or any concerns before starting new fitness regimes. You may modify the workout to fit your body’s needs.

Online medical & aesthetics consultation is available.

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