Non-surgical Options to Combat Droopy Eyelids & Eye Bags

Droopy Eyelids and Eye bags: Alternatives to Surgical Options


Non-surgical Options to Combat Droopy Eyelids & Eye Bags

Non-surgical Options to Combat Droopy Eyelids & Eye Bags – It is often thought that only surgery can lift droopy eyelids and remove eye bags.

In recent years, however, there are many non-surgical treatments available to treat these issues, with minimal downtime.

How to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

How to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelids are a result of skin losing its elasticity as we age, and weakening of the levator muscle that lifts the eyelid.

Considering that we blink more than 10 times a minute, it’s not surprising that our eyelids need a little help as we reach a certain age.

Treatments for Droopy Eyelids

  1. Fotona Smooth Eye laser treatment
  2. Thermage
  3. Ultherapy

The Fotona Smooth Eye laser treatment uses 3 different laser modalities to stimulate collagen production and remodelling.

This results in improved skin elasticity and texture — plumped-up skin, tightening of saggy eye bags, and lifting of droopy eyelids.

Thermage and Ultherapy, traditionally used in face lifting procedures, are also effective for lifting droopy eyelids. They target the deep skin and connective tissue layers to stimulate new collagen formation. The skin-tightening and lifting effects continue for several months after the treatment.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags 

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags 

Age and gravity takes its toll in various ways, including worsening of eye bags.

Skin loses elasticity, deep supporting fat pockets around the eyes migrate downwards, and other supporting structures lose their volume. Combination treatments can be utilised to target the different factors contributing to eye bags.

Treatments for Eyebags

  1. Fillers
  2. Thread lifts
  3. Fotona Smooth Eye Laser
  4. Revlite laser

Fillers and thread lifts target the loss of volume and providing support to the skin around the eyes, just like the supporting foundation and pillars of a house. Fillers are injected strategically around the face and eyes to restore volume where it is lost, reducing the appearance of eye bags. Furthermore, threadlifts also stimulate collagen production.

For those who are averse to needles, Fotona Smooth Eye laser offers a volumising “filler”-like effect without injections, thereby reducing eye bags, dark eye circles, and fine lines. Ultherapy treats the skin as well as supporting connective tissue layers – this tightens saggy eye bags and stimulates new collagen formation to reverse the effects of ageing.

Revlite laser is a good complement to these treatments to reduce dark eye circles by breaking down pigmentation that accumulates in the skin.

Now you know the Non-surgical Options to Combat Droopy Eyelids & Eye Bags – Get Younger-Looking Eyes Today!

Get Younger-Looking Eyes Today!

There are many non-surgical options available to refresh your eyes and give you a more rested and youthful appearance. Book an appointment today!

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