Am I a good candidate for Botulinum Injection for jaw reduction?

There are many ways to achieve slimmer face and well-defined jawline with surgical and non-surgical procedures. If you are looking for a non-surgical procedure that is safe and effective, you might want to consider Botulinum Injection Jaw Reduction. It is also known as “square jaw reduction” or “Botulinum Injection face slimming”.

How does it work?

This procedure targets the muscle that’s located on the side of the jaw on both sides – one of the muscles involved in chewing. Masseter muscle gives volume and fullness to the sides of the jaw. By injecting Botox to relax the masseter/ jaw muscles, the large muscle will decrease and shrink down in size over time. It will work to slim down the jaw area and make the face appear slimmer.

How does it work?

Any possible side effects? Will it affect my smile?

This is a safe treatment if it’s done by an experienced and certified doctor.

The possible side effect is soreness and bruising after the injection. Those are the primary side effects and will usually subside after a few hours to a few days.

It can be riskier if it’s done by someone who lacks experience. It can affect your smile and the symmetry of your face. Hence, it is important to seek out a certified and skilled doctor.

Any possible side effects? Will it affect my smile?

Am I a good candidate for Botox for jaw muscles?

This treatment is ideal for you if you have a wide jawline, strong masseter muscle, and if you have asymmetrical face looking to make your face more symmetrical. No matter what face shape you have, this treatment can help to enhance your face shape depending on your needs.

Apart from the purpose of aesthetic, Botulinum Injection to your masseter also help to minimize jaw clenching and teeth grinding.


Watch video on the Botox procedure done by our doctor at Healthsprings.

Still not sure if Botulinum Injection Jaw Reduction is something for you? Schedule a consultation with our doctors to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

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