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Ate too much this CNY? Read the Post-CNY tips!

Ate too much this CNY? Read t...

Combat the post-CNY flabs and zits! To many of us, Chinese New Year is meant to be a time of gatherings, feastings, and celebrations. Perhaps, you’ve regretted having too much CNY goodies and
How to remove dark spots?

How to remove dark spots?

Some of us may notice flat, brown spots appearing on our face and hands. These spots may be genetic, appear in middle age, or form earlier from sun exposure. Pigmented spots caused by sun damage is
Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Day I...

We’ve compiled 3 ideas for Valentine’s Day, just in time for Last minute Valentine’s Day Gift / Couple Date Ideas / A valentine day treat just for yourself
How to control oily skin?

How to control oily skin?

Treatment options to control oily skin —– Dewy skin is in, but the fine line from dewy to oily is often too easily crossed. Do you find your skin an oil slick by mid day? Gone are the
5 Beauty Fixes below $400

5 Beauty Fixes below $400

If you’re looking for last-minute beauty prep for Chinese New Year or parties, read the tips below. Introducing 5 beauty treatments that won’t break the bank.   — Festive
CO2 Laser vs INFINI for Acne Scars

CO2 Laser vs INFINI for Acne ...

“How effective is CO2 Laser v.s. Infini Microneedle Radio Frequency for acne scars?” —- This is the common question we get every day. This article will explain how both work and
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