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Why do I get dark eye circles?

Why do I get dark eye circles?

Dark eye circles are the bane of many men & women.

Not only do dark eye circles make one look tired, it also makes one look much older than they really are.


Why Do I Get Dark Eye Circles? 

Dark eye circles can be caused by skin pigmentation, thin skin, loss of volume and eye bags.

Fortunately for each cause, there are effective therapies to counter them.

In the rest of the article, we will talk about various causes of dark eye circles and address each one individually.

Causes & Treatment to counter them

1) Skin pigmentation


We all have fine blood vessels called capillaries underneath our skin. These capillaries supply oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissue.

Sometimes, red blood cells leak out of these capillaries and the hemoglobin in these cells upon being broken down by enzymes in our body, stain the skin dark blue-black.



  1. Lasers such as Fotona 4D Laser and Q-switch ND Yag laser, effectively breaks down these blue-black pigments, restoring the skin to its original color.



2) Thin & wrinkled skin

Thin skin under the eye exposes bone structures and tiny veins that lie just below the skin.

The bluish-green color of these veins gives rise to the bluish-green discoloration that can occur below our eye.


  1. Lasers or radio-frequency treatments such as Fotona 4D Laser, Q-switch ND Yag laser, Thermage Eye and Protege Eye can be used to stimulate collagen growth in the skin. The resultant thicker skin hides underlying structures and veins.
  2. Filler is also a great option to plump up the skin and restore moisture.


3) Eyebags


This is how our eye bags form: As we age, skin and supporting structures below our eye become lax, allowing fats to migrate downwards and forwards towards the skin.

Consequently, tiny blood vessels underneath the skin also gets pushed closer to the skin surface, giving rise to dark eye circles. Those bulging eye bags also cast a shadow on the underside of the eye bags, giving rise to the illusion of dark eye circles.


  1. Laser treatments like Fotona 4D Laser and radio-frequency treatments such as Thermage Eye or Protege Eye stimulates collage growth in the skin, thereby tightening the skin which helps push back those fats and reduce eye bags. However, for severe prominent eye bags, surgical removal will need to be done.
  2. There are often 2 bulges present under the eyes – one of which is caused by thickening of the muscles under the eyes. Botox can be done to reduce the size of those prominent muscles under eye. The appearance of dark eye circles would improve when the appearance of bulges below the eyes have been improved.
  3. Thread lift is also a great alternative option. Threads are inserted under the skin to help tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. Skin will become firmer and lifted. The threads are eventually fully absorbed by the body.
  4. Filler can also be injected to soften and smooth out the eye bags.


4) Loss of volume


Another cause of dark eye circles is sunken eyes.

As mentioned above, as we age, fats around our eye migrate downwards and forwards. This loss of fat reduces the volume just below our eye. As the skin retract backwards, tiny blood vessels underneath the skin become much closer to the surface of the skin, giving rise to dark eye circles.


Fillers is an ideal option to treat loss of volume. It is injected under the skin to reverse the volume loss and also hide eye bags by smoothing out the bulges under our eyes.



Can Eye Creams help?

There are certain issues that eye creams can help treat, however some concerns need more intensive procedure in order to achieve more effective results.
The causes of dark eye circles are multiple and varied. Different people have different combinations of the above mentioned causes.

Consult your doctor to get a diagnosis and recommendation of appropriate treatments.

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