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Dark Eye Circles / Droopy Eyelids

Dark circles around the eyes or eye bags can be a heredity problem or due to insufficient sleep. There is a strong genetic component to dark circles, which is out of people’s control. Those with eczema or allergic rhinitis may also have more prominent dark eye rings. It becomes more prominent as we age due to loss of skin elasticity and thinning of skin around the eyes. This is a common problem and is frequently described as “tired eyes”. Most seek treatment as the dark circles around the eyes make them look much older than their years. It affects both men and women equally.

Droopy eyelids can make one look sleepy all the time. It may also affect one’s vision as the eyelids cover part of the visual field.

There are many different possible causes of droopy eyelids, ranging from natural causes to more serious conditions. FDA approved. Thermage eyes treatment is able to lift the droopy eyelids without surgery.

Anyone can get droopy eyelids, and there aren’t substantial differences in prevalence between men and women or between ethnicities.

Healthsprings Beautiful Eye Treatment

This is a popular treatment in the clinic to reverse lines, eyebags and dark eye rings.

Different Lasers are used to stimulate and shorten the collagen and lighten pigmentation on the lower and upper eyelids. Resulting in lifted eyelids, reduced wrinkles and lighter dark eye rings.

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