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Aesthetic Gifts this Mother's Day

Aesthetic Gifts this Mother's...

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no better way to show your mom, your wife, some love by pampering them with aesthetic treatments. It’s also a nice occasion to get a
4 ways to boost your collagen levels

4 ways to boost your collagen...

How to increase collagen levels in the skin? “Can collagen gives you young, bouncy and firm skin?”   Many would have heard about collagen and its importance in preserving skin
Can I 'undo' fillers?

Can I 'undo' fillers?

Fillers injection is a popular aesthetic treatment to enhance your facial feature. But what can be done if you don’t like the result of your fillers?     Before you make any
How to get slimmer thighs?

How to get slimmer thighs?

Walking to get slimmer thighs—   Tried all sorts of methods to slim down your thighs? This body part may be one of the more commonly disliked areas. Achieving slimmer or leaner thighs may
7 Types of Common Skin Bumps (Causes & Treatments)

7 Types of Common Skin Bumps ...

Many of us have experienced raised skin bumps such as warts, skin tags, milia, cyst, lipoma, Seborrheic keratoses and etc. Fortunately in most cases, they are harmless. Skin bumps can result from a
How to treat PIH (acne marks) and scars?

How to treat PIH (acne marks)...

Breakouts can come and go, but the scars and marks they leave behind would last for a long time. Especially if left untreated, they are likely to be visible permanently.  People with oily skin tend
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