Face & Skin Care


Natural substances in the skin, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decrease with age, causing wrinkles to form. Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process and it occur when we make repeated facial expressions involving muscle contractions such as a smile, laugh or frown.

At Healthsprings we use exclusively the FDA approved Botulinum injection. As well as FDA approved fillers.

Botulinum Injection
Botulinum injections are used to relax muscles. It is a non-surgical treatment to eliminate moderate to severe wrinkles within two weeks. It is also used to reduce square jaw, creating the oval-shaped face that is desired by many! With a simple procedure, Botulinum injections improves appearance within days and the youthful look lasts for months.

Botulinum Injection is effective for:

Fine / Frown lines
Wrinkles occur when repeated facial expressions involving muscle contraction such as smile, laugh or frown. Botulinum injection helps to smoothen and preventing new lines from forming. Its precise effect are customized to suit individual needs.

Reducing square jaws
Squared lower jaw is often caused by overly developed masseter muscles (chewing muscles). Botulinum injection can deliver significant slimming effect on a squared jaw line, creating slim v-shaped jaw line. The effect generally starts to kick in 6 weeks after the injection.

Over exposure to the sun, poor lifestyles and habits as well as degradation of the skin's biological functions all affect how we look. To counter this, hyaluronic acid helps absorb and bind water, providing proper skin hydration. Fillers enhance facial volume, create contours, and remove wrinkles following a quick and simple injection treatment. Results are natural, instant and long-lasting.

Fillers are effective for:

Face contouring and volumizing
Fillers restore the fullness of the lips, cheeks, nose and jawline while also helping to correct facial asymmetries and restore contours that may have softened overtime, resulting in more refined features and facial contour.

Wrinkle treatment
Caters to different wrinkle treatment needs from smoothing away crow's feet and fine lines to correcting deep folds and frown lines.

Face-lifting enhancement
By adding volume to the mid to lower facial regions and along the jawline, can tighten and elevate sagging areas, resulting in an significant face lift.

Rehydration of skin
By using superficial microinjections of fillers(eg Restylane Vital or Restylane Vital Light) into the skin, it can plump up and hydrate the skin, removing fine lines and open pores. Reducing the need to constantly lather moisturisers to dry skin!